About US

GWUD is a partnership specialized in urban planning, site engineering and landscape architecture. It is first emerged in 2006 including a distinct variety of experts in planning and landscaping with more than two decades of field experience. Gateway provides multidisciplinary consulting services ranging from regional and detailed planning down to urban design solutions and landscaping. In addition to administering urban and landscaping consultation services, it provides construction supervision, follow-up and management services.


For more than twenty years of continuous work, our team members have acquired a lot of experiences as well as interacting with all levels of planning in Egypt and the Arab world with a wide range of entities, whether in small companies, non-governmental organizations or even large companies and competent international organizations where the planning products, tasks and services have been delivered to satisfy our clients.

Meet The Team


An Architect with deep experience in supervising, managing and controlling projects. Participated with several Large real-estate coorperates  to formulate technical quality standards for design and construction processes. M.Sc. of Architecture in Architectural Management and Value Engineering field.  

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Professional landscape architect and overall team manager. Developed an excellent experience in Concept design, Design Development, and Construction Drawings' phases in variety of recreational, residential, Urban projects as well as architectural competitions.

PhD. Of urban design and Teacher at FURP at Cairo University. In addition to his landscape professional experience, his Research Interests are in designing  for communities, sustainable urban transportation and livable city planning.

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Khaled Nour


Chief Technical Officer


Abdullah Al-Attar

Design Manager


Atef Al-Attar


Senior Controls Engineer


Mary Tharwat

Senior Landscape Architect

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An experienced landscape architect with interest in landscape graphic presentation, public open spaces and thematic garden design ideas. Developed an excellent experience in all construction drawings package.


Ahmed Abbas

Senior Urban Planner

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An experienced city and regional planner with practical skills in planning, coordinating and managing work team.

A registerd Urban and GIS Expert at GOPP, also he have proof knowledge in urban design and landscape architecture as well as his Interests in modern trends of urban planning.


Fattima Al-Iraqi

Senior Landscape Architect

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A professional urban designer and landscape architect with interest in graphic and visual arts. Seeks to deliver innovative design solutions for Landscape projects as well as her Interests in Horticulture science with a welfare knowledge about street and soft-scape design.  

An experienced supervision manager in a variety of real-estate investment projects in Egypt, as well as in KSA at Saudi Bin Laden Group. Interested in the inventing surveyor equipment and Supervision technologies for Mega projects, Specialized in Coordinating and following-up projects and Surveying works.

A regional expert assistant and Gis Expert, he participated in many urban planning projects,  schemes and regional projects as an expert. His interests are in sustainable regional development and sustainable city planning.

​A senior architect experienced in preparing conceptual designs, schematic drawings & Tender Packages for varied types of projects, with wide knowledge in BIM systems. Familier with LEED rating systems and interested in sustainability in general.

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Hadeer Hussein

Urban Planner

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She has a wide experience in local areas development plans, preparing strategies and general visions. A professional in using variety of tools including GIS to analyzing and signing spatial data on maps. Her interests are in following up modern trends in urban planning and urban design.


Ismael Muhammad


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A BIM Integrator with various Visualization items in Fabrication or Renovation Constructions logistics 4D/5D to Build.

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Samar Emad

Landscape Architect

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An urban and landscape architect, has experience in landscape design, graphic presentation, compile urban and landscape reports with interests in graphics and shop drawings as well as architectural visualization.


Ali Abdulatty

Urban Planner

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An urban planner and GIS expert. He participated in many urban planning and landscaping projects of. A deputy of Alexandria university for updating the urban spaces boundary for  Kafr El-Sheikh governorate. His Interests are in sustainable city planning and landscape design.


Mohamed Magdi

Corporate Accountant

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Accountant with experience in financial data collection, ledger consolidation, financial statements analysis, budget preparation and expenditure control. Deals with monthly, quarterly and annual closing, managing periodic reports and analyze finances to identify risks and create expectations.

Our Success Partners

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Abdelrahman Yasin

Senior Architect

Karim Nasar

Urban  Planner

Ahmed Al-Hofy

Supervision Manager